How is it determined that a member be awarded the announcer badge? I've linked a couple questions that may have had the required number of IP addresses visit. How would the site know that I am the one that posted these links if in fact the required number of IP's have visited SE from my links?


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The Announcer Badge description says:

Share a link to a question later visited by 25 unique IP addresses. This badge can be awarded multiple times.

The detection works pretty simply. Right now, if I click on the share button under your question, I'll get the following link:


This link is different for every user. The first number, 2790, is the question ID. You can see the link works perfectly without the last number. This second number, 15133 in my case, is my user ID here on Chemistry SE. This means that when someone follows this link a point will be added to my Announcer Badge of this question. The Booster and Publicist badges work the same way, with higher requirements.

Hence, the link you (Brinn Belyea) get from the share button should be


It's important to note a few things about these badges:

  • You must use the link from the share button, otherwise the link can't be traced back to you. Copying from the browser address bar won't work.

  • Only links followed from the outside of the Stack Exchange network will count. Linking from Chemistry SE, Physics SE (or any other SE) won't count.


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