You have guessed it: Buzzwords!

Long story short - as you can look up the tradition of these posts below - please add Confusion and its derivatives to the list of words that need to be fought as they are just filler words for the title field.

There certainly are a couple of legit uses, e.g. Confusion about direction of dipole arrow in alpha-helices and other molecules, but most of them are like Confusion with the Periodic Table or Rate and order confusion, etc.. You can easily find them by entering title:confusion into the search box (or clicke-di-click the link).

One obligatory disclaimer quote from season one courtesy of our fearless leader:

This is no emergency, but it would be nice to have descriptive, googleable titles for these so that people can find them in the future.

Keep an eye out for these, thanks...

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    $\begingroup$ BTW, Mart, I added this to my buzzwords query. $\endgroup$
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