This search query yields 33 questions tagged [acid-base] and containing the words "carboxylic acid" in them. (Convenient links to the tag wikis for both [acid-base] and [carbonyl-compounds])

Note that the tag wiki for specifically says:

Compounds containing the carbonyl group, C=O. The term is commonly used in the restricted sense of aldehydes and ketones, although it actually includes carboxylic acids and derivatives. (my emphasis)

So, one may argue that all those 33 questions (and in future, any question about carboxylic acids) should be tagged That said, however, carboxylic acids are acids also, so the tag could serve them just as well. The current tag usage guidelines do not help resolve this issue.

Ideally, in case of carboxylic acids, only one of or should be used. But which one?

Do note that nearly 68 questions are tagged and include the word "ammonia" in them, but another tag does not exist, so we will have to let them be as they are.

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    $\begingroup$ I wouldn't add acid base to a question where we weren't talking about acidity/basicity $\endgroup$ Mar 15 '18 at 16:32

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