has 208 questions, of which 41 are currently closed (a whopping 20%!). The tag was created on Oct 2'14, and has no tag usage as of yet.

This has resulted in a varied application of the tag. Of the 167 open questions, many could use alternate and well-defined tags:

and there's many, many more.

Though, there are some ambiguous cases, that wouldn't make sense if was removed.

So, definitely, the is being misused. And this meta post aims to find a solution for this tag.

If you consider leaving a comment, consider leaving an answer instead so that others can vote on it and we can reach a conclusion. If there's already an answer supporting your view, consider voting on it instead.

Side-note: this meta post is supposed to reach a decision regarding , and in no way intends to be a call-to-action to start retagging all questions within the next 24 hours. This to decide the what and the why part, not the when part.

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A proposed solution is going through all the questions and reevaluating their quality, whilst retagging them (do remove the )

Questions that don't make much sense without the tag - like the three "ambiguous cases" above - are definitely in a minority and deserve a small community-wiki. We might find a pattern among them, that may require retagging them with another tag (new or old), or closure if they are bad quality, or decision on a case-by-case basis.

Only defining the tag usage for wouldn't be a proper solution, because, while it may help tag future questions correcly, it wouldn't solve the current pile of questions tagged incorrectly.


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