Web app to immediately look up number of electrons?

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    $\begingroup$ There can be more than one reason a question is closed. Some choose the best fit/obvious, I choose the most likely to be a permanent problem. It varies but If the question doesn't meet our standards after editing it won't be reopened even though the reason it was closed is now fixed. $\endgroup$ – A.K. Aug 14 '18 at 1:25

I voted to close the question (along with others). I feel that it should remain closed for the following reasons:

  • This is a borderline homework-like question that can be investigated by you and an Internet search engine; and

  • There are multiple resources available that fit the bill or come close, which then turns your question into a request for a list, which goes against site policy.

The second point is, for me, the one that argues most closely for the "too broad" categorization.

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    $\begingroup$ Actually your second point argues already for being too broad: too broad - if your question could be answered by an entire book, or has many valid answers (but no way to determine which - if any - are correct), then it is probably too broad for our format; On the other hand, I do not share your concern in point three. If you know the exact sum formula, you know the total number of electrons, isomers won't change any of that. $\endgroup$ – Martin - マーチン Aug 14 '18 at 11:24
  • $\begingroup$ @Martin-マーチン - Amended per your (correct) comment. $\endgroup$ – Todd Minehardt Aug 14 '18 at 18:18
  • $\begingroup$ @ToddMinehardt: "which then turns your question into a request for a list, which goes against site policy" do you care to list some of these or are you just saying something that is not actually true? $\endgroup$ – user1271772 Aug 15 '18 at 20:18
  • $\begingroup$ @ToddMinehardt what policy would you be in violation of, for listing them in a comment on this answer to a Meta question? $\endgroup$ – user1271772 Aug 15 '18 at 23:33

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