I rewrote Is it safe to boil carbonated water in a kettle? a minute ago, but I saw no comments counselling what was unclear?


Keep in mind that it may not be the only reason it was closed, but unclear was the one that got the most votes. 2 distinct questions in one question is technically "too-broad" so that may have been another reason.

To answer your question about unclear, my analysis is:

I know and desire that boiling carbonated water removes all the dissolved CO2, but I worry that boiling in a kettle can endanger me?

Isn't it dangerous to boil carbonated water in a kettle?

What does dangerous mean? Dangerous how? Why do you think carbonated water is more dangerous than normal water? It's hard to imagine what a good answer would look like.

Whenever I boil water in my kettle, I close its lid. Does this close lid constitute 'under pressure' (and so danger) emboldened beneath?

I think for the last part "'under pressure' (and so danger) emboldened beneath" I don't think embolden is the right word for what you want to ask, thus it is unclear.


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