The Physics Meta promotes support for all Science sites on Stack Exchange, in this post.

The Chemistry SE was one of the sites that benefited from this (if you look at edit 11 of the above linked meta post, you will see that this meta post helped the Chemistry SE proposal to get attention when it needed it in the early days of its proposal in Area51).

Let's give back to the younger science communities, now that we here at Chemistry have graduated out of Beta.

Below is the post from the Physics Meta.

Science proposals need your help! Consider committing to these, to make them successful & scientific:

See also the long list of science and technology proposals on Area 51.

Committers needed

Site definition needed

Sites in beta

Science and technology sites currently in beta include:

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Materials Modeling Astronomy Earth Science History of Science and Maths Engineering Mathematics Educators Open Data Space Exploration

This can be made a community wiki -- feel free to add other proposals worth mentioning.

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