We currently have a tag .

The IUPAC Gold book has the following to offer (DOI: 10.1351/goldbook.O04308):

optical isomers [obsolete]
Obsolescent synonym for stereoisomers with different optical properties. They should be described as diastereoisomers or enantiomers. (Usage strongly discouraged).

I know that the term is still very, very popular in some textbooks; however, I think we should follow the IUPAC recommendation and rename the tag. I don't think there is much need for debate, but there is a question remaining: How do we do it?

Please discuss it with an answer.


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I'll go ahead and make a suggestion.

Borrowing from Wikipedia's stereoisomerism:

In my opinion, diastereomers are sufficiently covered by two tags already. Both of them have merit, while the superordinate isn't specific enough.

How often will we actually come across a question which is really only about enantiomers that we need a tag for it? The search works on words, too, so I'd argue we'll never get a critical mass that the tag sustains itself. Most questions will topically be about stereochemistry. Or they could be about the optical properties of these compounds, so . Or they might be about selectivity, or .

The tag in question is only used 9 times, none of these really refer to enantiomers specifically enough to warrant the tag.

Therefore I suggest to silently remove the tag, which would be to merge it without synonym into .


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