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Hidden points of editing you probably didn't know

Making a good edit is hard. On Chem.SE, we (would/should/could) care about the finest points of formatting. There are basic points of editing many editors know about: Put some fancy MathJax/ $\mathrm\...
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Formatting Sandbox II: please *don't* test stuff here [duplicate]

This thread has been retired due to the large number of posts. The newest sandbox can be found here: Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here Spoiler warning: Be aware that this page ...
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Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here

Sandbox II has become as clogged as Sandbox I was (and is), especially for users with 10,000 reputation or above. So, here is a new new post... Before you delete a post here, please reduce it to one ...
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Should the images with transparent background be preferred?

Since the default background color on Chemistry.SX is white, any image, whether it has an alpha-channel to it (e.g. PNG with transparency enabled) or not (e.g. JPEG of GIF) looks fine. However, ...
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Comment Templates

Guidance is pretty important, and I'm going to write a meta post in some other meta about it soon. Long story short, if it weren't about guiding users, I wouldn't be writing this and you wouldn't be ...
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We need some upgreek, please!

Correct typesetting is what you would expect from an academic community. Chem.SE has always tried to be one, and we always value their standards; and our meticulous editors have always had an eye on ...
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What's the policy on systems of measure?

Whilst the SI is very popular in chemistry (and in the world in general) there are a wide range of commonly used units in chemistry that are not SI or SI-derived (kcal, Bohr, Hartree, mmHg, enzyme ...
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How do you number equations

I have an answer that has a number of equations. Within the text of the answer I just want to refer to the number of the equation. I saw it on an answer somewhere, but I can find such an answer now. ...
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Is there a site on ChemSE to practice mhchem and mathjax?

Is there a site on ChemSE to practice mhchem and mathjax? Or does one just learn while asking or answering a question.
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How do we write catalysis when writing equations?

Many reactions are invoked/sped up by presence of certain chemical substance. This is called catalysis. As far as I know, catalyst is then written above the arrow of the reaction. The same is also ...
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Broken markup on some questions (but the preview works)

In at least one questions ( How to compute molecular formula?) there is broken formatting, but only in the posted form. The preview view (if one were to try and edit it) shows what I believe is the ...
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Adding tex symbols to post

This is a two part question: The extent to which tex can be incorporated into a post appears to be outlined here (some links from that question need refreshing btw). Is this the main source of ...
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