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How do I ask homework questions on Chemistry Stack Exchange?

Mainly copied from What is the policy on asking homework questions on Chemistry Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework ...
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The Great Retagging Event - Episode 1: The one-taggers

                TRE will be held at $\ldots$? Famous final words The Retagging Event (TRE) What good is in working so ...
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quantum-chemistry vs. computational-chemistry

Not a long time ago in our galaxy tags quantum-mechanics and quantum-chemistry were merged and in the very discussion of the merge few raised their concerns about distinguishing between quantum-...
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Questions about the kinetic theory of gases

We have quite a lot of good questions on the topic, which is actually quite broad. For example, just yesterday we had this question: Does gravity affect the trajectory of gas particles? I liked that ...
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Searching guidelines for newbie

I have been in this site for quite a long time. However recently, I saw a lot of duplicate question at the main site and they will mention that they can't find the duplicate of their question. So, I ...
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Is it a bad idea to have an edit only be the addition of the homework tag?

Often when cruising the latest questions or working through the review queue, I'll make an edit that only adds homework. I see two problems, the first very minor, the second potentially insidious. ...
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Can these tags (pKa, Salt-bridge) be created?

pKa, salt-bridge, coulombic interactions are important concepts for both chemistry, biochemistry, biology aspects. One would expect them to be quite hot topics. Strangely, however no such tags seem to ...
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Tag proposal: [decomposition]

Making my way through old reaction questions, I constantly wish that something regarding decomposition existed. It's not acid-base, it's not stoichiometry, and it definitely isn't reaction-mechanism. ...
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Why is my question not submissible?

I've written a question for Chemistry SE but get "Your question couldn’t be submitted Resolve 1 issue before posting". This is the title which I've reworded a number of times without meeting ...
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Should we be more worried about [corrosion]?

Just came across this question on the main page, and noticed that we haven't specifically been paying attention to corrosion on the site. I'm concerned that we may be overlooking a major maintenance ...
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Do we need a tag like "foundations of chemistry"?

I mean, for this topic: Understanding chemistry as a whole. This is clearly not "homework". But then, maybe, I (being relatively new to chem.SE) am missing something? Maybe we already have a tag with ...
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Tags gone wild … again

I have not had much time lately to get into cleaning up lonely and confusing tags, so there was (and is) a bit of a pile to get through. With this post I would like to direct your attention to some ...
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Someone saw a buzzword in a question title and you won't believe what happened next …

Meaningful titles are one of the pillars of a good question and answer site. In a concise fashion they introduce or even summarise what will be asked about. I personally think that these question ...
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