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FAQ: How can I format math/chemistry expressions on Chemistry Stack Exchange?

This FAQ explains and gives examples how to typeset chemical equations, quantities and units, and mathematical expressions on Chemistry Stack Exchange (rather than posting pictures, which you can't ...
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Formatting Sandbox I: please *don't* test stuff here [duplicate]

This thread has been retired due to the large number of posts. The newest sandbox can be found here: Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here Before that, there was also this Sandbox: ...
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What additional formatting features are available to MathJax (possibly via \require{})?

In his answer to a question about crossing out units in dimensional analysis, Loong notes that the \cancel{} LaTeX command can be enabled in MathJax by using ...
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Formatting Sandbox II: please *don't* test stuff here [duplicate]

This thread has been retired due to the large number of posts. The newest sandbox can be found here: Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here Spoiler warning: Be aware that this page ...
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Introducing: Spring Cleaning [duplicate]

Note: While a lot of the information contained here is still somewhat relevant, it can be overwhelming at first. It also hasn't been updated for quite some time. For a more up-to-date version with ...
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Which symbols are written in roman (upright) font and which are italicized?

This post tries to be a guide to new members of the (chemical) scientific community for instructions on how to apply the right formatting when writing chemical and mathematical equations.
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Comment Templates

Guidance is pretty important, and I'm going to write a meta post in some other meta about it soon. Long story short, if it weren't about guiding users, I wouldn't be writing this and you wouldn't be ...
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In 2022, how can we use comments to welcome new users and encourage them to improve questions?

It seems that during the 2022 moderator election, this meta site has some more eyes on it, so it might be a good time to think about how to encourage new users to become experienced users and valued ...
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Should the images with transparent background be preferred?

Since the default background color on Chemistry.SX is white, any image, whether it has an alpha-channel to it (e.g. PNG with transparency enabled) or not (e.g. JPEG of GIF) looks fine. However, ...
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What's the best alternative to MathJax in titles and for one-off symbols?

My understanding is that we should avoid MathJax in titles because it breaks searching and indexing of questions. andselisk recently told me to avoid using $\beta$ ...
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Prevention of unnecessary edits of old posts.

The issue of unnecessary edits has been brought up many times here, both on meta and in chat. The "Hidden points of editing you probably didn't know" post puts it fairly succinctly: In any event,...
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What's the policy on systems of measure?

Whilst the SI is very popular in chemistry (and in the world in general) there are a wide range of commonly used units in chemistry that are not SI or SI-derived (kcal, Bohr, Hartree, mmHg, enzyme ...
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Is MathJax in titles a problem? And why?

I think the title is self explanatory. I certainly think it looks nicer. I thought it still worked for searches too, as long as it's something $\ce{H2SO4}$ or $\ce{K}_i$ - certainly does on my browser....
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How to write physical units

Units have to be written in an upright font. One normally does it this way: $1.2 \times 10^3\,\mathrm{\frac{J}{mol}}$ $1.2 \times 10^3\,\mathrm{\frac{J}{mol}}$ ...
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Should we use italicized chemical formulas or non-italicized chemical formulas?

Seems like someone has gone on a bizarre edit spree, deciding to randomly change $K_4[Fe(CN)_6]$(K_4[Fe(CN)_6]) to $\ce{K4[Fe(CN)6]}$(...
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