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Hidden points of editing you probably didn't know

Making a good edit is hard. On Chem.SE, we (would/should/could) care about the finest points of formatting. There are basic points of editing many editors know about: Put some fancy MathJax/ $\mathrm\...
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FAQ: How can I format math/chemistry expressions on Chemistry Stack Exchange?

This FAQ explains and gives examples how to typeset chemical equations, quantities and units, and mathematical expressions on Chemistry Stack Exchange (rather than posting pictures, which you can't ...
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Formatting Sandbox I: please **don't** test stuff here [duplicate]

This thread has been retired due to the large number of posts. The newest sandbox can be found here: Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here Before that, there was also this Sandbox: ...
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How do I ask homework questions on Chemistry Stack Exchange?

Mainly copied from What is the policy on asking homework questions on Chemistry Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework ...
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Which symbols are written in roman (upright) font and which are italicized?

This post tries to be a guide to new members of the (chemical) scientific community for instructions on how to apply the right formatting when writing chemical and mathematical equations.
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How to ask and answer nomenclature questions?

A small but significant fraction of the questions consists of nomenclature questions. In principle, virtually all nomenclature questions resemble one another, but they are quite different from other ...
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'ce' prepended to equations in url slug?

I asked a question, titled, and noticed that the formulas had 'ce' prepended to them in the url: ...
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In 2022, how can we use comments to welcome new users and encourage them to improve questions?

It seems that during the 2022 moderator election, this meta site has some more eyes on it, so it might be a good time to think about how to encourage new users to become experienced users and valued ...
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Is it realistic to expect a new user to use mathjax & mhchem?

This was discussed at least once before. Do we really need to badger everyone to use MathJax for chemical formulas? I'd pm the moderator if I could, but I know of no other way to raise the issue and ...
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Please exercise your votes

At the expense of becoming public enemy number one, I have decided to post a grumpy post. (It was rather grumpy when I first posted it, I hope it reads better now.) This is hardly a new call to ...
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If I want to buy compound/element X …

There is a rather recent question that I am not going to link to because of the meta-effect, which asks for potential sources of an element. But of course, the meta-discussion here should not only ...
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How to handle users giving away answers to homework questions

I came across this question, where a user is clearly asking for help on their homework and hasn't shown effort on the problem - just stating they don't understand it. Below the question is a comment ...
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New users might have a different view on homework than those who frequently answer questions

As a new user, if my question is labeled "homework" in a comment, I might feel accused that I am using StackExchange to cheat in my school work. In many cases, that is probably a good description of ...
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I'm looking for a gooey substance that has a greenish glow, helps stick automobile parts together and saves the world from hunger in the process

I don't know if it's some visionary dude coming up with a revolutionary idea, some lunatic who wants to prove sciencez is wrong and water can be a fuel, a curious "chemistry layman"1 who aims to ...
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Should we link new users to the homework policy right in the first comment?

I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. I've seen 2-3 variations of the template comment in active use. All of them link to the homework policy we have in meta. But this is the template ...
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