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How to handle "Am I right?" homework questions [duplicate]

The procedure to deal with homework questions with no effort is pretty well established around here: vote to close. However, what about questions where the problem is laid out and then answered ...
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The Giant List of Duplicates

For those who haven't been frequenting meta, this post has been suggested numerous times. The intention is to collect together good questions with good answers which can be used as duplicate targets. ...
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How do I ask homework questions on Chemistry Stack Exchange?

Mainly copied from What is the policy on asking homework questions on Chemistry Stack Exchange? What kinds of questions are considered homework ...
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How much effort is "enough" with homework problems? We would like to hear all ideas! (please)

We have a very good homework policy outlined for the site with some good and bad examples of homework problems. Over the last few weeks, there have been several cases when users have added a line or ...
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What should be done with "Is my calculation correct ?"-type questions?

I see many questions where the OP just asks whether his or her calculation is correct . These type of questions will most likely not be helpful to the majority . The questions pertain to a specific ...
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Proposals for guidance presented to first-time askers

Update: The customized site-specific guidance is live now. To see it, go to after logging out (or use a incognito/private window). There seems to be ...
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Is this forum the right place to ask basic physical chemistry questions?

I have asked three questions about physical chemistry, two of which got answered and only one is answered satisfactorily. (I have nothing against airpuff's answer. He might be correct but I need a bit ...
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Do we need a separate [proofreading] tag?

If a user includes the following in a question: attempt to provide an answer to own question; code for debugging; own unique view towards the problem; a request to check whether her/his assumptions ...
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Do I need to show my own attempt if I post a question along with an answer written by me?

Do I need to show my own attempt if I post a question along with an answer written by me? Suppose I come across a remarkably good question on a particular chemistry topic and wish to share it with ...
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What's wrong with my question?

Question: Calculate concentration of Benzalkonium chloride with dilution From my perspective: Is it related to chemistry? yes Is it a low effort post? no; clearly asked what I need and provided ...
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frequent closure of questions as "off-topic" that do not seem to meet the published off-topic criteria

I see a lot of questions closed as "off-topic": Why does the concentration of the acid equals that of the base at the mid-point of titration? Why exactly is a fluoride anion a stronger base than ...
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What about the question 'Does adding pure water affects Buffer Solution pH?' justifies its closure as homework?

In the following question I actually cannot see a plausible reason to apply the homework policy: Does adding pure water affects Buffer Solution pH? It is a quite basic question and the presented ...
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