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Hidden points of editing you probably didn't know

Making a good edit is hard. On Chem.SE, we (would/should/could) care about the finest points of formatting. There are basic points of editing many editors know about: Put some fancy MathJax/ $\mathrm\...
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FAQ: How can I format math/chemistry expressions on Chemistry Stack Exchange?

This FAQ explains and gives examples how to typeset chemical equations, quantities and units, and mathematical expressions on Chemistry Stack Exchange (rather than posting pictures, which you can't ...
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Green checkmark or red X with Mathjax/mhchem?

Is there a way to put a green check mark in the body of my text using MathJax/mhchem Syntax? Or a red X to indicate that this thinking is wrong? Something like this: I want to use it while double ...
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How to render Angstrom and Parts-per notations in MathJax?

Summary: Angstrom, Parts per thousand, Parts per Ten-Thousand cannot be displayed. Prior efforts: Searched Google and Detexify. Angstrom. (The letter), (the diacritic mark). The detexify (...
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About the scope of mhchem

I am the inventor and author of the LaTeX/mhchem package. You know, the \ce macro. Last year, I took over MathJax/mhchem from the core MathJax team and ...
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Enable mhchem mathjax extension

Mathjax 2.0 supports the mhchem extension. Could we enable it? It will save us lots of time in typesetting chemical formulae. How to enable the extension
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Meta: too much talking, too little action, and a proposed solution

$\large\textbf{Firstly}$, if you haven't already noticed, we have decided to reinstate the homework close reason. Martin and I aren't great fans of the policy, but we also don't get the feeling that ...
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Dimensional analysis with chemistry equations on stack exchange?

I know we use Mathjax/mhchem. What I would like to know, is if its possible to cross out units as part of dimensional analysis. Here is an example of the desirable effect:
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Is there a site on ChemSE to practice mhchem and mathjax?

Is there a site on ChemSE to practice mhchem and mathjax? Or does one just learn while asking or answering a question.
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The new reputation sum in the new top bar is calculated incorrectly

I was very happy when I saw a sum of new reputation of 123, thinking I may have won a bounty or something and looking forward to another epic day. Then I opened the menu and saw this: I don’t know ...
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Adding tex symbols to post

This is a two part question: The extent to which tex can be incorporated into a post appears to be outlined here (some links from that question need refreshing btw). Is this the main source of ...
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How to render a square-scheme reaction using MathJax?

I'm try to write a square-scheme reaction using MathJax. Until now I managed this one. ...
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