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TeX tutorial too intimidating/extensive [duplicate]

The help sidebar ("How to format") links to That's a bit too extensive for us. (And it's for LaTeX proper, not mathjax so it has tons of irrelevant stuff) Can we ...
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Hidden points of editing you probably didn't know

Making a good edit is hard. On Chem.SE, we (would/should/could) care about the finest points of formatting. There are basic points of editing many editors know about: Put some fancy MathJax/ $\mathrm\...
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What additional formatting features are available to MathJax (possibly via \require{})?

In his answer to a question about crossing out units in dimensional analysis, Loong notes that the \cancel{} LaTeX command can be enabled in MathJax by using ...
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Which symbols are written in roman (upright) font and which are italicized?

This post tries to be a guide to new members of the (chemical) scientific community for instructions on how to apply the right formatting when writing chemical and mathematical equations.
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2021 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

The purpose of this thread was to collect questions for the questionnaire. The questionnaire is now live, and you may find it here. Chemistry is scheduled for an election next week, 5 April, 2021. In ...
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Comment Templates

Guidance is pretty important, and I'm going to write a meta post in some other meta about it soon. Long story short, if it weren't about guiding users, I wouldn't be writing this and you wouldn't be ...
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Community Ads for 2021

September update: Community Ads are now live network-wide. All ads with a score of 6 or higher, or with a score of 4 or higher and no downvotes will be displayed (except for any that have a note from ...
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Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here

Sandbox II has become as clogged as Sandbox I was (and is), especially for users with 10,000 reputation or above. So, here is a new new post... Before you delete a post here, please reduce it to one ...
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In 2022, how can we use comments to welcome new users and encourage them to improve questions?

It seems that during the 2022 moderator election, this meta site has some more eyes on it, so it might be a good time to think about how to encourage new users to become experienced users and valued ...
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Is it realistic to expect a new user to use mathjax & mhchem?

This was discussed at least once before. Do we really need to badger everyone to use MathJax for chemical formulas? I'd pm the moderator if I could, but I know of no other way to raise the issue and ...
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Proposals for guidance presented to first-time askers

Update: The customized site-specific guidance is live now. To see it, go to after logging out (or use a incognito/private window). There seems to be ...
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How to write physical units

Units have to be written in an upright font. One normally does it this way: $1.2 \times 10^3\,\mathrm{\frac{J}{mol}}$ $1.2 \times 10^3\,\mathrm{\frac{J}{mol}}$ ...
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Math/Chem formatting when asking a question

I see that many questions are poorly received when the formatting is awful (pKa, OH-, etc.). I agree this is terrible, so I came up with the following idea that I would like to share. More often that ...
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How to solve mhchem/MathJax rendering problems

Edit: This is not a bug, it is a feature, see my answer post. While recently directing a new user to this meta post about formatting using MathJax, I noticed that some components were not rendering ...
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Chemistry stackexchange community should exclude students from its description

Being a student, after I study a topic and google its collaterals, I felt this is the community where I can ask any entry level question whether to get guidance or specific questions, whether it is ...
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