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App keeps on stopping

Whenever I try to open home option in the Android app, the app shuts down. I tried closing the app from the background but the problem still persists
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What is 'User cannot suggest edits to this question'?

I recently came across a poorly written question and thought of suggesting some edits to correct some spellings, mathjax and format it for a better look. But, after I was completed and clicked on ...
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Undefined control sequence \pu in official SE Android app

For some reason content produced with \pu{} cannot be rendered properly in official Stack Exchange android app, though \ce{} ...
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Should we pay attention to possible bugs of MathJax in the apps?

It is quite well known that the (android) app(s) are behind on which MathJax version they are currently using (see here for an example). I find this very unfortunate as many of the newer features, ...
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MathJax in the Android App

Has anyone else noticed issues with MathJax in the StackExchange app? I'm aware the comments and titles don't render MathJax automatically, but I've also seen questions where certain math expressions ...
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mhchem in Android app configured differently

Bugreport. Take a look at How to write physical units in the Android app (I did with version 1.0.89), you will see that \pu does not render on Android, while it ...
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