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For questions concerning proposals for other sites on Area 51, the Stack Exchange Network staging zone where experts come together to build new Q&A sites. Area 51 has its own discussion site which acts as its own meta site – but for some discussions about proposals related to chemistry, this site might be a more appropriate place.

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What's Chemistry.SE take on Mass Spectrometry being proposed on Area 51?

Mass Spectrometry has recently been proposed in the Science section on Area 51 by Chris Herold, the president of MSACL (Mass Spectrometry & Advances in the Clinical Lab). I have no affiliation ...
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Science stack exchanges helping other science stack exchanges!

The Physics Meta promotes support for all Science sites on Stack Exchange, in this post. The Chemistry SE was one of the sites that benefited from this (if you look at edit 11 of the above linked meta ...
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Suggesting a chemistry homework site

I think there a should be separate site for homework, where students can show their efforts and post their questions. Many questions of that type are closed here for unnecessary reasons.
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Area 51 proposal: Science Educators

I recently proposed Science Educators, a site where teachers and tutors of any field of science (chemistry, physics, biology, earth sciences) can ask questions. I decided to join forces with all ...
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