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First time askers modal

Stipulations The first time askers modal has two required parts: A sentence about searching for existing answers on the site, and a list of specific actions. These have to stay in place. However, we ...
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Proposals for guidance presented to first-time askers

Update: The customized site-specific guidance is live now. To see it, go to after logging out (or use a incognito/private window). There seems to be ...
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Suggestions for the new ask page

The Ask page has been changed; see also The new ask page is now live on the network. I am writing this meta question as discussion so that we can collect ideas about how we can make the best use of ...
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How to ask and answer nomenclature questions?

A small but significant fraction of the questions consists of nomenclature questions. In principle, virtually all nomenclature questions resemble one another, but they are quite different from other ...
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What's the file limit for file upload? Why is any error missing?

When uploading large images the upload window get's stuck. What is the file limit for a image file? Why don't I get an error then upload fails (XHR itself is not returning anything)?
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