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The Giant List of Duplicates

For those who haven't been frequenting meta, this post has been suggested numerous times. The intention is to collect together good questions with good answers which can be used as duplicate targets. ...
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2 answers

Resources for learning Chemistry

Recently I saw a post in the german stackexchange, that was about Resources for learning German. And then I asked myself, if it could be possible to make such a post for chemistry, too. It has ...
13 votes
6 answers

Can we make a "big list" community question for structure drawing software?

I would like to know the possible alternative available in chemistry software I've found very useful the big list like TeX or StackOverflow I would like have something similar to find the best ...
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"List of data sources" question

Data requests are off-topic on chem.SE. Since two of them got asked today, I went back to look at that meta post. I'd like to revive two of the comments on the question: One difficult task is ...
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