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For questions about the chat rooms and chat functionality, room rules, accepted practices, chat sessions etc.

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Moving of comments to chats

As the consequence of the complete answer site policy, there is a wide gap between complete answers to stay question comments of limited lifespan to be deleted. As there is large scale of ...
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Is the chat room bot alive?

In the Main Chatroom Guidelines page it mentions a "ChemBot" which allows users to give various commands in chat. Is it still working? If not, can it be fixed?
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What are you doing in the spring cleaning chat room?

When visiting the chat room section of Stack Exchange you might have come across a room that is called 'Spring Cleaning' and wondered what it is used for. This post should serve as a brief rundown of ...
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Is there a private chat?

Does this site have any kind of private message system? Just to be clear I'm trying to find a way to talk to someone on the staff in private. I'm here on business, not trying to get a Chemistry ...
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Amending the Chatroom guidelines

Due to recent events, I would like to amend the Main Chatroom Etiquette Guidelines. First of all, a minor issue and not based on recent events, I would like to clarify that they apply to all site ...
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Lets clean up this backlog of unanswered questions

The Problem As explained in this post and a follow-up to this one: Obviously the event linked did a lot to clean up unanswered questions, but there is still a long way to go! Statistics for my ...
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Pin chat to the sidebar on main site?

Can we pin the link to the chatroom to the sidebar on the main site? It does not always appear. This was asked by another user in chat and discussed (I can't find it now, of course) and I thought it ...
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Homework requests in Periodic Table chat?

I don't mind guiding users in The Periodic Table with their homework. If I get a question or two, I'll discuss it with the person. However, there have been times where users will sit in chat all night ...
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Can we have oneboxed links for scientific papers in chat?

Certain weblinks when posted in chat will onebox, i.e. they will be displayed as a box containing part of the content of the site linked. This is especially cool for SE questions and answers but also ...
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Chat welcome message missing the “Okay, I'll keep it in mind” button, hence can't be dismissed

Seems we have some bad styling in chat.chemistry. Here is my original question: Chat welcome message missing the "Okay, I'll keep it in mind" button, hence can't be dismissed Other ...
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Lost on how to access newly created chatrooms

I just had a doubtful question on meta. 1h after I deleted it, some user added a comment asking me "Please don't post this type of question here again. Thanks.", to which I would well agree, because I ...
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banned from chat?

Okay, this is weird and somewhat disconcerting - for the past few hours, I have not been able to access the Periodic Table (as in enter it, I can see it though). The last message to me from a room ...
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Main Chatroom Etiquette Guidelines

When I was walking through some of the chatrooms on the network, I found that has some rules for their chat. I thought this might be a good idea for us as well, hence I propose these ...
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How can I enable MathJax in chat?

Last updated: 9 May 2017 This is an offshoot of ChatJax, which enables MathJax along with mhchem on chat. In order to enable MathJax in chat, please follow the following instructions (courtesy of ...
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