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Would this improve my Chemistry question re deducing the IUPAC name of LSD, or, if that is no longer an option, be a good question in its own right?

People have said in the comments of my question IUPAC naming of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) heterocyclic core and its locants that the question would take many pages to answer, and/or that I ...
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How to render a square-scheme reaction using MathJax?

I'm try to write a square-scheme reaction using MathJax. Until now I managed this one. ...
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Polymer formula bond-bracket crossing representation

I could not find any rule in Graphic representations (chemical formulae) of macromolecules (IUPAC Recommendations 1994) that would state that the bonds at the ends of the constitutional units must ...
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Integrate a tool for drawing structural formulas

Based on my previous meta post looking for suitable tools, I propose to add the ChemDoodle Web Components for drawing structural formulas to the site. From the alternatives I've looked at, this seems ...
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Finding a library to allow drawing chemical structures directly on the site

Drawing structural formulas is a very common task in chemistry. Simple chemical formulas are often not sufficient, they are ambiguous for pretty much any non-trivial molecule, and structural formulas ...
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