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It makes no sense to me that this question about thermodynamics was closed as being physics rather than chemistry

Several users voted to close this question, Pressure-dependence of electrolysis voltage, in which the OP asked for help identifying the flaw in an electrochemical perpetual motion machine. I gather ...
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Shouldn't the OP be notified if his/her question is put on hold or closed or edited?

I recently asked a question which was put on hold. I was not notified of it being put on hold. I was always notified if my question had any answer or comment. If I had received the notification, I had ...
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Is the question about a theory that predicts pKa values based on structure really 'too broad'?

It has come to my attention that the following question was put on hold as being too broad: Is there a reliable chemical theory that predicts pKa based on structure? While I initially commented that ...
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What details do I need to add to my question?

I asked a question today and then the question was closed stating that I need to add more details. To me, the question is perfectly clear, so I'm probably missing what information is missing. Could ...
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Reading the tea leaves: continuing to monitor closing and deletion trends on the site

I ran a database query again to see where we are a few months after the recent election. As I inspected the result I wondered if the number of posts deleted as a fraction of those closed was ...
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What feedback does the OP receive when there are multiple close reasons?

As the fifth person to vote to close a question, I saw three different reasons given (too broad, unclear, homework). I agree with all of them, so I thought the OP would receive good feedback. When I ...
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Can specifics on why this question was closed be explained?

I have a question about my Chemistry Stack Exchange post: Is there an algebraic reason why 1/t is proportional to initial rate? I posted this and it was almost immediately closed. I can not think of ...
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Why was my question so quickly closed as too broad? I really don't see how it is

Why would tellurium + sodium hydroxide have been a good gasoline additive (if it wasn't so smelly)? was quickly and unilaterally closed. I'd removed the second question but then there was an ...
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