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Reading the tea leaves: continuing to monitor closing and deletion trends on the site

I ran a database query again to see where we are a few months after the recent election. As I inspected the result I wondered if the number of posts deleted as a fraction of those closed was ...
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"Expanding" moderator deletion powers?

The Help Center says: Questions that are extremely off topic, or of very low quality, may be removed at the discretion of the community and moderators. This kind of question deletion is carried out ...
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Why was my I'd and question deleted?

I posted this question here few hours ago, but my question and my I'd was blatantly deleted, I also posted one question earlier anonymously, however that question was also deleted. Can the mods ...
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Finding a lost question without enough rep

I'm pretty sure I've asked a question a while ago (years?) about the use of ammonia in agriculture where it is introduce directly into the soil. The question included a photo of a very large tank ...
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Is there a minimum reputation to post a question?

Many of the homework, on hold, proposed to close, etc questions are from posters with a reputation of 1 or double digits. The situation appears to be that someone is either in a homework / coursework ...
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