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Should a down vote require a comment

I find it annoying when I get a down vote and there is no comment about why. If someone down votes a question or answer, then they have a reason for doing so, it it would help the poster improve. ...
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What is the purpose of downvotes on questions?

To emphasize, this question is about downvotes on questions, not answers. Downvotes are great, e.g., for answers that are coherent and well-written, but are factually wrong. The utility of downvotes ...
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Please exercise your votes

At the expense of becoming public enemy number one, I have decided to post a grumpy post. (It was rather grumpy when I first posted it, I hope it reads better now.) This is hardly a new call to ...
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Targeted downvotes?

A lot of my questions have got downvotes recently: Note that most of these questions are not active ones: I had asked most of them more than a week ago and had accepted answers for the same. One or ...
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Why exactly has the question and answer received multiple downvotes?

Is cis-1,2-dimethylcyclohexane a meso compound? Today I had asked this question and also received an well-written answer for it by @orthocresol. I really couldn’t spot any trait in either the ...
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Why are so few votes on Chemistry.StackExchange?

For example most viewed question (viewed 26k Times) and only 36 votes? Or next one (800 times viewed) has 22 votes. I do not understand why the voting system on the Chemistry.StacExchange is not ...
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Downvoted without reason

I posted the following question, and I got two downvotes without reason. Resource for general organic chemistry I did my research (looked at the whole resource page and browsed books like Solomons ...
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Why do we downvote without commenting?

Ah! This is a big challenge I am facing while writing answers. Usually all users try to write their answers as clearly as possible, but still errors do occur. But what are the errors? Conceptually ...
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Regarding anonymous downvotes

This time I took severe care regarding the notations. Not even a single person is leaving a comment on the answer to point out my mistake. answer someone downvoted without mentioning my error, ...
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Why are my questions downvoted for no reason?

Lots of my questions were downvoted or have no votes at all for bad or even no reasons,even though I try to do my best at researching and studying the topic(there are some good ones too). Can anyone ...
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