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Questions tagged [editing]

For discussions/ support about editing questions and answers. Common guidelines, best practices, and frequent mistakes may be discussed with this tag. Disagreements between editors are also within the scope.

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20 most viewed questions that need answers (Updated 12 Apr 2024)

Some of these questions do have answers, but these answers have negative votes. Only questions with upvotes will be removed from the list. In addition, this list has new questions sprinkled throughout!...
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Buzzwords in question titles - season 4 & 5 - experiments and exercises

I was looking for a pun in the question title, but was unable to find one. So instead let us remember the previous seasons: I question the use of "question" in question titles (search here) ...
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I question the use of "question" in question titles

The search: brings up some 63 odd questions. Some of them are closed, some are actually pertaining to specific questions on particular ...
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Are you confused by confusing question titles including the word "Confusion"?

You have guessed it: Buzzwords! Long story short - as you can look up the tradition of these posts below - please add Confusion and its derivatives to the list of words that need to be fought as they ...
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Shouldn't the OP be notified if his/her question is put on hold or closed or edited?

I recently asked a question which was put on hold. I was not notified of it being put on hold. I was always notified if my question had any answer or comment. If I had received the notification, I had ...
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I am asking about chemistry, you know, that's why I put it in the title

Previously on 'Never mind the Buzzwords': I question the use of "question" in question titles (search here) Help make help questions have more helpful titles (search here) Houston, we have ...
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Edits by Anonymous user and approved by Community Bot

This is again regarding this post. If I see the history, there are many suggested edits: I can see there is involvement of a moderator who rolled back the edit. Even after rollback, multiple edits ...
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What additional steps do I need to take to change a title of a question back to the original title?

I wrote a question and a day later noticed the title had been edited by another user. The original title: When writing the net ionic equation, if one of the products ionizes, what is the most ...
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