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How to encourage visitors to search the site?

Yes, this is a likely duplicate. I should have searched meta first. In that self-referential spirit.... There has been imo an uptick of late, possibly seasonal, in homeworkish posts, many likely ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Regarding duplication of chemistry stackexchange content on other forums for money?

Today while searching for $d^3 s$ hybridization I found copied content of a highly reputed question on stackexchange where the user answered same word to word and the date for the content posted by ...
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7 votes
1 answer

This question isn't a duplicate, and should not have been closed on that basis

This question isn't a duplicate, and should not have been closed on that basis: Why exactly the vapor pressure decreases when a non-volatile solute is added to a pure solvent? The OP is asking for a ...
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What should happen to the unanswered duplicates after a newer duplicate of that question is answered?

The title is probably a little hard to grasp, so let me explain what I mean with an example. I'll make it a very specific example, which will ignore other closing criteria for the sake of simplicity. ...
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I posted a question in Physics StackExchange: Is it ok to post it here as well?

This morning I posted a question in Physics Stack Exchange which can perhaps be considered both chemistry problem and a physics problem. Since it has not obtained any attention at all, I am wondering: ...
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