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Formatting Sandbox II: please *don't* test stuff here [duplicate]

This thread has been retired due to the large number of posts. The newest sandbox can be found here: Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here Spoiler warning: Be aware that this page ...
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Formatting Sandbox I: please *don't* test stuff here [duplicate]

This thread has been retired due to the large number of posts. The newest sandbox can be found here: Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here Before that, there was also this Sandbox: ...
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2 answers

What is the recommended style of citing on

In principle citing is fine in any way that attributes the original author(s) unambiguously. The highest principle should always be: Give credit. However, recently we decided to have a community ...
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10 answers

Formatting Sandbox III: please test stuff here

Sandbox II has become as clogged as Sandbox I was (and is), especially for users with 10,000 reputation or above. So, here is a new new post... Before you delete a post here, please reduce it to one ...
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2 answers

How do I draw chemical compounds and chemical reaction mechanisms and add it to my questions?

Lots of organic chemistry questions require the knowledge of chemical structures and reaction mechanisms. We even have a tag: reaction-mechanism for it. Here, I will address the following: How do I ...
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2 answers

American vs British spelling: Is there a standard? Should there be?

The only mention of this that turned up in a quick search was a passing mention three years ago. I've just encountered a pending edit on this question where the editor tidied up the question with ...
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1 answer

How to solve mhchem/MathJax rendering problems

Edit: This is not a bug, it is a feature, see my answer post. While recently directing a new user to this meta post about formatting using MathJax, I noticed that some components were not rendering ...
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3 answers

Enable syntax highlighting for code

Editorial comment As of 7th August 2017 there is quite strong support for the proposal. The developers have been asked via e-mail to take a closer look. Here is a block of Python, indented by 4 ...
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On formatting electron configurations

I usually pay a very high attention to the formatting of anything I write, especially to the mathematical notation, because in my opinion it is really important. Of course, the most important thing in ...
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3 answers

How to render Angstrom and Parts-per notations in MathJax?

Summary: Angstrom, Parts per thousand, Parts per Ten-Thousand cannot be displayed. Prior efforts: Searched Google and Detexify. Angstrom. (The letter), (the diacritic mark). The detexify (...
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Fully or partially handwritten, scanned and photographed Q&As

If a post either consists of, or contains hand-written/scanned/photographed parts, what's the best way of handling or improving it? From what I see there are the following possibilities: Leave it as ...
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3 answers

We need some upgreek, please!

Correct typesetting is what you would expect from an academic community. Chem.SE has always tried to be one, and we always value their standards; and our meticulous editors have always had an eye on ...
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1 answer

Should we pay attention to possible bugs of MathJax in the apps?

It is quite well known that the (android) app(s) are behind on which MathJax version they are currently using (see here for an example). I find this very unfortunate as many of the newer features, ...
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2 answers

Spreading awareness about using \ce{....}

I have seen most of the question without \ce{...}. I don't know why user don't use that. Might be they are not aware about that because it is not used in other S.E. So how to aware users about it I ...
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What is the standard LaTeX depiction of G "naught"?

A user today wrote $G^0$ (G^0) to indicate standard Gibbs energy. I quickly edited it to $G^\circ$ (G^\circ) instead as that's ...
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