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Can outdated versions of answers be removed?

In this question I initially answered with a Google link, and drew a comment asking me to remove the link. I edited the answer with a different link to the reference, but the previous versions remain ...
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Please don't post links to the mobile versions of the websites (unless there is a really good reason to do so)

Often I stumble upon the so-called mobile links both in the comments and in the answers, e.g. URLs that lead to a mobile version of the website and often seen as ...
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Is recommending a link to a torrent tracker against the rules of SE?

In one of the answers to a question of mine the user who wrote the answer referenced a book that isn't accessible for free in the link he provided. I spend several days searching for ways to get to ...
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13 votes
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UC Davis ChemWiki is gone

I noticed today that the domain redirects to While most of the content is still available there, quite a few links may have gone rouge on our site. The switch ...
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Can we have oneboxed links for scientific papers in chat?

Certain weblinks when posted in chat will onebox, i.e. they will be displayed as a box containing part of the content of the site linked. This is especially cool for SE questions and answers but also ...
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Should we revisit the URL slug issue?

As we know from 'ce' prepended to equations in url slug?, any mhchem that gets edited into question titles affects the URL slug, e.g., ...
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