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No alternate SE sites show up as choices when flagging a Question to be "closed as off topic" [duplicate]

As the title states, I was flagging a wonderful question probing how to improve a risotto recipe (more arrowroot anyone?) and thought I'd take a step to assist the moderators by indicating which site ...
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Why are there no migrations paths to Physics.SE, Math.SE, etc.?

When flagging for migration to another SE network, the only option I get is Why are other SE networks not shown here, like Physics.SE (many questions fit there better ...
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Guidelines for closing as off-topic, belong on a different SE

Thinking about: Why room gets heated (closed and deleted, access to moderation tool > 10k reputation required) Now, I agree that this question has a strong physics bent to it, but thermodynamics is ...
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I posted a question in Physics StackExchange: Is it ok to post it here as well?

This morning I posted a question in Physics Stack Exchange which can perhaps be considered both chemistry problem and a physics problem. Since it has not obtained any attention at all, I am wondering: ...
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Enable migration paths to Physics and Biology

According to an answer to this question, now that Chemistry.SE is out of beta, it is eligible to have migration paths to other sites. I think paths to Physics.SE and Biology.SE would be very helpful ...
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If from comments or answers it appears that the question is more fitted to another site

I have asked a question which I first thought to be correctly posted in this site, while, from the answer received, I suspect that it might have more chances to get a full answer in the Earth Science ...
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Are questions about the affect of certain chemicals on the human body on-topic here?

I've encountered a question on the Skeptics.SE site asking about the possible affects of certain materials on the human body. In this case, it was the affects and lethality of cigarette smoke in a ...
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