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Reference-requests, books and closure. Where lies the fine or not-so-fine line?

The site aims to keep high standards and attract experienced and knowledgeable practitioners of chemistry. The point is to share knowledge, not "doing someone else's work", but that is just ...
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In 2022, how can we use comments to welcome new users and encourage them to improve questions?

It seems that during the 2022 moderator election, this meta site has some more eyes on it, so it might be a good time to think about how to encourage new users to become experienced users and valued ...
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What is the "new contributor" banner below some user's names, and for how long does it last?

The title says it all, but I wasn't able to find any place or wiki where it was described what exactly is "new contributor" banner? I came across a profile, where the user was a member for 7 months (...
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Proposal for a bot to welcome new users

Introduction I don't have a better word than a bot. New users often get intimidated after their question goes on hold , they never come back. Personally speaking the second question I asked was 4 ...
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Someone is advertising car insurance on Chem.SE... should I buy it?

(Okay, sarcasm aside) I was browsing through the badge list a while ago and got an eyeful of this:   I couldn't get them all in one screenshot, but these are the (spam) accounts I've ...
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The Guyabano uprising: How is this going to be dealt with?

In a span of about two hours, four questions (one of which is unintelligible) regarding smoking some fruit ("Guyabano" or the Soursop fruit) have cropped up. They've been posted through 4 different ...
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Are we overzealous with "policy" comments?

Recently I've seen a surge in comments stating, "Welcome to the site, blah blah blah, please take a look at ___." This is awesome that we're engaging new users like this. I've also seen a surge in not-...
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Newcomers are more valuable than you think, please welcome them

This isn't a new issue as far as I have noticed from seeing the older posts regarding this: Shouldn't we be a bit more welcoming to new askers/ posters? We should have a Welcome post to link to ...
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Sins of a User: I upvote low quality answers by new users to encourage them to contribute this bad?

I have this habit; whenever I see a new user post a "low quality" answer to a question, I tend to upvote it. When I say "low quality" answers, I mean answers that aren't particularly helpful, or don'...
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How do I draw chemical compounds and chemical reaction mechanisms and add it to my questions?

Lots of organic chemistry questions require the knowledge of chemical structures and reaction mechanisms. We even have a tag: reaction-mechanism for it. Here, I will address the following: How do I ...
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4 answers

How to handle this Li Zhi guy?

Most who have spent a considerable amount of time on Chem.SE this past year knows Li Zhi. visits on a biweekly or monthly basis: Li Zhi, et al, et al, et al, et al, et al, et al ... quality of the ...
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Please don't call questions a dump, even if they might be one

I have tried it once and I will try it again: Shouldn't we be a bit more welcoming to new askers/ posters? Now what brings me back to this topic? Today I came back to the network and was greeted ...
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Bringing Helping Users Format Their Posts (HUFTP) to a whole new level

Behold A new chatroom is approaching $\ldots$ (It already approached and you weren't there to celebrate) Rightfully named $(L_A)\TeX/\mathcal{M}_{ath}\mathrm{J}^a\mathrm{x}$ help, this is a chatroom ...
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