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User Profile picture doesn't appear

My Chem SE account is registered through my Google account. So obviously my Google profile picture was the one set for my Chem SE account as well. Few months earlier I had changed my Google profile ...
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How can I make changes in my profile?

I have been here for 3 months. So far, my username is a rather generic user123456-type name and my avatar is some coloured geometric shape. However, I can’t help noticing that many others have a ...
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The “Congratulations!” notice on the user profile page is not shown correctly

The “Congratulations!” notice on the user profile page is not shown correctly. In this case, the notice is about a new tag badge. A small part of it can be seen below the dark bar. I would have ...
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"You earned a new privilege!" is misaligned

Compare Chemistry's new design: With another site (say Software Recommendations): It would be nice if it was easier to tell what privilege I earned, along with it being in alignment.
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Default display pattern changes colour

I have not added any profile photo . Originaly the color was something else and now it has turned pink . I didnt change it and I dont know whether one can change it . I was under the impression that ...
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