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10 votes
1 answer

Why has my account been restricted?

I am not allowed to ask a question (for a couple of days) because I have "asked too many questions recently that have not been well received well by the community"... I understand why this would ...
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3 votes
1 answer

May I convert one of my ill-received, deleted questions to a completely new one in order to try to work towards lifting my question ban?

I recently have asked a question that received no answers but has gotten a down vote. Since this is my first time to ask after 6 months question ban, my options are limited. With the down vote and ...
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1 answer

How to get unblocked from asking questions?

I got down votes on some of my questions and some of them closed, so, I got blocked from asking. After a period of time from being blocked, I regained the privilege of asking, but only one question ...
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