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Glitch in monthly leaderboard

I noticed an interesting glitch (feature?) while looking at the monthly reputation league: Notice that the month reputation is greater than the total reputation, which should not be happening (unless ...
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Why is there no "reduced ads" privilege at 200 reputation on this site?

By accident I found out that on this site the privilge reduced ads at 200 reputation does not exist according to the help page. Is there a reason for this?
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Can reputation mysteriously disappear?

Last time (about a month ago) when I had come to Chem.SE, my reputation happened to be 342 and I am sure of that figure. As of right now, it has dropped to 332. I really don't know how this has ...
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Offering bounty to another's question. What are the benefits?

If I had offered bounty on another's question then, what will be the benefits? Will I get reputations if the post is liked by community?
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Why is downvote cast to my question not shown in chemistry stack exchange unlike meta stack exchange? (My reputation is odd?)

I have only two zero scored questions and no answer. However I got +5 reputation by upvote of this (my) question. How can this happen? Thank you in advance. Desktop version screenshot In the meta ...
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Voting Corrected

Today morning I wokeup to see this, :( I read the learn more part aside it. I don’t know why I got hit by this. It said, If you see very unusual votes being targeted at your account, don't worry ...
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The new reputation sum in the new top bar is calculated incorrectly

I was very happy when I saw a sum of new reputation of 123, thinking I may have won a bounty or something and looking forward to another epic day. Then I opened the menu and saw this: I don’t know ...
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why do we lose rep when we downvote answers

The title just it, I really don't know if someone else has posted the same thing, but just keen to know, I mean if we feel an answer is no good, shouldn't we be given the freedom to down vote it at no ...
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Why do we have a rep cap?

I posted this answer the other day, and broke through the rep cap fairly quick. Why does burnt hair smell bad? Now, from what I gather, you do not get additional rep for the rest of the day, once you'...
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Why hasn't this user's reputation increased?

Recently, user Mark has posted an answer to the question: "Why doesn't water burn?" and it has got a score of 78 as of now this meta question has been posted. So, if an upvote of an answer ...
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Were there many users removed in recent days? Was there a cause?

This last week, I noticed a large number of reputation changes associated with user was removed. I think I lost something like fifty to a hundred magical unicorn points™. Users being removed is not ...
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Amount of reputation from answer upvotes reduced?

Has the amount of reputation received from upvotes to answers been reduced from +10 to +5. I only received +5 rep for each upvote on my answer to this question. Is this a new feature or a bug? I ...
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2 answers

Reputation required for privileges

How come the reputation required for participating in close votes, accepting edits etc. has been raised to 3k ? I was enjoying helping out on these, and there are not so many members with 3k+ ...
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Reputation losses on Chemistry.SE - Can we please get the votes back?

The following illustrates the dramatic impact of a situation described earlier in Don't throw away all votes when a user is deleted. Chemistry.SE is a vivid beta site with ~ 2700 questions. The ...
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Why should a user be removed? What happens then to users who had been interacting with this user?

I just get -10 points of reputation flagged user was removed but there is no extra information about this event. Could an admin ...
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