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Edits by Anonymous user and approved by Community Bot

This is again regarding this post. If I see the history, there are many suggested edits: I can see there is involvement of a moderator who rolled back the edit. Even after rollback, multiple edits ...
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Reviewers changing the original question

Even I had this question in my mind., while searching I found out that someone has already asked, it has got 11k views but no proper answer yet, so I decided to improve the question and add my points ...
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What is 'User cannot suggest edits to this question'?

I recently came across a poorly written question and thought of suggesting some edits to correct some spellings, mathjax and format it for a better look. But, after I was completed and clicked on ...
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How to properly reject suggested edits that add mathjax to the title?

This happens once or twice every week with little variation: Let's go through the situation quickly: A new user has his first attempt at improving the content of an SE post. He puts up a decent ...
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Don't I have the authority to reject any suggested edit?

I have come across a situation that when I edit someone's post, it is kept on hold for 'peer review' and after the approval of the author it reflects on the site. But when someone suggests edit to my ...
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Need help with an edit

In this question I proposed an edit, then found I had made a typo (wanted sustituted, got dybstituted). Can't correct because I am stuck in peer review, and if I have to re-edit I am back in peer ...
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