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When are the moderator elections?

Biology.SE graduated an hour ago and one of their posts had an answer stating about election. The most recent graduated site took somewhere like 2-3 weeks after the design post to graduate. There ...
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Why is the box with chat options not visible on the main site?

I remember when I first joined this site, a box containing the active chat rooms would be visible on the right side of the home page of the site. However, currently all I can see is filters, tags and ...
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Minimum character change requirement during tag-edit

I recently tried to edit to remove the incorrect tag (it has been done now). ...
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How to rewrite/ reframe this question about possible mineral deposits to be Chemistry SE qualified?

How to rewrite/ reframe this question about possible mineral deposits to be Chemistry SE qualified? How to clean "reddish/ brownish" grime/ deposit marks from the silicone rubber lid gasket of a hot ...
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What details do I need to add to my question?

I asked a question today and then the question was closed stating that I need to add more details. To me, the question is perfectly clear, so I'm probably missing what information is missing. Could ...
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Would it be on-topic to ask why guanine is sometimes referred to as "Acyclovir Impurity B"?

"Acyclovir Impurity B" is the name for guanine used by a handful of websites. Googling the term shows this. which seems to confirm that ...
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When do tags get deleted?

According to this Meta Question, 'zombie' tags are meant to be deleted at 03:00 UTC every day. How do we have over a page and a half of tags that are not removed yet? Are they tag synonyms?
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Will this question be well received here?

Preference to longest carbon chain or double bond? Above structure and its nomenclature is given in my book. However, I suspect it is wrong because the Carbon chain of 8 instead of 7 is available. So ...
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Lost on how to access newly created chatrooms

I just had a doubtful question on meta. 1h after I deleted it, some user added a comment asking me "Please don't post this type of question here again. Thanks.", to which I would well agree, because I ...
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Request for "state-of-matter" tag

Coming across some chemistry questions, I realized many had to do with matter or specifically the state of matter of a substance, not only does this affect multiple properties in chemistry, but this ...
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Locking of flag requests, no marshal tag?

I have nominated myself to become a moderator. Within my 9 months of being registered (4-5 of being active), I have accrued 320+ flags and 360 edits (thanks to Spring Cleaning, feel free to join in ...
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How to add Lewis Structures to a question or an answer?

I've been here for just a few days and almost $ 3/4th $ of those few days I've been trying to find out the thing mentioned in the heading. I get absolutely no results when I search for it. And when I ...
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Flag comment option unavailability

The option to flag a comment is unavailable in the mobile version of Chrome.(atleast for me) But it is available in the desktop view/version. This creates the following issues: New users who were ...
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How do I attract more reopen votes?

I had got banned from asking questions from chemistry stackexchange at least a six months back and now I am looking to remove that ban from my profile. So, in this question which I had posted in chem ...
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How to do nested numbered lists?

How do I create nested numbered lists? I want something that looks sort of like: yada yada for item 1 yada yada for item 2 a. yada yada for item 2a b. yada yada for item ...
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User Profile picture doesn't appear

My Chem SE account is registered through my Google account. So obviously my Google profile picture was the one set for my Chem SE account as well. Few months earlier I had changed my Google profile ...
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How to improve this question?

Difference between oxo and formyl This question was downvoted. Someone said Oxo is only used for ketone in the comment. I did some research to disprove that and shared this link in the comments. It is ...
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How to reopen question?

This is w.r.t this question Depression of freezing point And this Reason for shorter bond between sulphur and oxygen? I have tried my best to re edit the question , I have also asked for reason why ...
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Default display pattern changes colour

I have not added any profile photo . Originaly the color was something else and now it has turned pink . I didnt change it and I dont know whether one can change it . I was under the impression that ...
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