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Would a [metalloid] and/or [tellurium] tag be appropriate for the site, and /or for my question about tellurium?

When trying to decide how to tag Why would tellurium have been a good gasoline additive if it wasn't so smelly, and why is it so smelly? I discovered that there are many metal-related tags: metal ...
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2 answers

Tagging questions on diffraction of things other than X-rays?

The question What is “detwinning” as a 2D crystallography technique? and neutron diffraction brought this to mind, but electron diffraction is an established technique as well, and there may be others....
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3 answers

Do we need [polymers] and [plastics] tags?

Current usage guidance for plastics (116 posts) For questions relating to the structures, properties, production methods and potential hazards of polymer materials commonly known as plastics ...
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What to do with the [ph] tag

Usage guidance for acid-base (2091 questions) This tag should be applied to questions concerning acid and base reactions. Usage guidance for ph (558 questions) pH (or the potential of hydrogen) ...
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What can or should we do with [pharmacology], [toxicology], [medicinal-chemistry]?

Recently toxicology has been created, which prompted this question. Originally I wanted to suggest renaming phamacology into phamacology-toxicology as the lines are especially blurry (in terms of ...
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Do we need a separate [proofreading] tag?

If a user includes the following in a question: attempt to provide an answer to own question; code for debugging; own unique view towards the problem; a request to check whether her/his assumptions ...
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More redundant tags - biochemistry and chemical-biology

biochemistry and chemical-biology seem to be the same. Additionally there are 25 questions which have both tags, which seems redundant. Should they be merged?
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Nomenclature tag synonyms: naming, name, or names

Often newcomers ask a question dealing with naming of chemical compounds. But they might not know, that naming is technically called nomenclature. Therefore I think it would be helpful to add naming ...
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Perhaps let's eliminate [classification]?

classification has 14 questions right now, most of which would either fit neatly under terminology or could just have classification stripped off. Of the 14, two actually do deal with classification ...
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4 answers

Do we need separate tags for stereochemistry and chirality?

We currently (31 December 2016) have stereochemistry 292 questions chirality 45 questions stereochemistry + chirality 49 questions Do we really need two separate tags for stereochemistry and ...
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2 answers

What's the difference between the 'Sustainability' tag and 'Green Chemistry' tag?

I'm wondering what the difference is between the tags green-chemistry and sustainability. The explanation of the green-chemistry tag says Green chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, is a ...
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2 answers

quantum-chemistry vs. computational-chemistry

Not a long time ago in our galaxy tags quantum-mechanics and quantum-chemistry were merged and in the very discussion of the merge few raised their concerns about distinguishing between quantum-...
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Merge "lewis-structure" and "structural-formula"?

Unlike always, I'd be direct: Should we merge lewis-structures and the newly renamed structural-formula because Lewis structures are clearly structural formulas and the Wikipedia page for "structural ...
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Should we merge the stereochemistry and stereoisomerism tags?

This seems to be have been sort of raised a while ago but nothing was done about it. stereoisomerism and stereoisomers Basically I don't see any difference between stereoisomerism and stereochemistry ...
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What in the world is "resource-recommendations"?

As of now, resource-recommendations has been created for 23 hours by Community user. Which leaves me with these questions: Why and/or how does a bot do this? How will this tag be doing anything ...
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1 answer

stereoisomerism and stereoisomers

Can we have stereoisomerism as the synonym of stereoisomers? In my opinion, stereoisomerism is a concept and stereoisomers are for the molecules. Most of the times the question will be on the ...