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Should we merge the stereochemistry and stereoisomerism tags?

This seems to be have been sort of raised a while ago but nothing was done about it. stereoisomerism and stereoisomers Basically I don't see any difference between stereoisomerism and stereochemistry ...
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What to do with the [ph] tag

Usage guidance for acid-base (2091 questions) This tag should be applied to questions concerning acid and base reactions. Usage guidance for ph (558 questions) pH (or the potential of hydrogen) ...
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Would a [metalloid] and/or [tellurium] tag be appropriate for the site, and /or for my question about tellurium?

When trying to decide how to tag Why would tellurium have been a good gasoline additive if it wasn't so smelly, and why is it so smelly? I discovered that there are many metal-related tags: metal ...
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