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20 most viewed questions that need answers (Updated 12 Apr 2024)

Some of these questions do have answers, but these answers have negative votes. Only questions with upvotes will be removed from the list. In addition, this list has new questions sprinkled throughout!...
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"Is my calculation correct" is back again

The answers of What should be done with "Is my calculation correct ?"-type questions? clear out that questions need not be deleted by the OP/Community. Note: This is the Part-2 of the ...
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Evaluation of the Chat Event (Session 1)

Summary All in all, this chat session was a great pleasure. I found the atmosphere amicable and yet productive, and it was a lot of fun to see the number of unanswered questions dwindle away. Thank ...
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What are the ways to bring attention to a question?

Consider the following question: Why does [Co(NO2)6]4− ion have 3 unpaired electron as opposed to 1?. I believe this is a great question that was asked quite a lot of time ago and still has no answers....
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To accompany the chat event notice

To accompany the post Chat event to deal with unanswered questions — details and scheduling, if people are not able to make it to the sessions (as is my case), just get into it anyway.... If you don'...
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