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Let's not forget to pay tribute to questioner if the question is good enough

I believe this has been discussed in one form or another before, starting with the famous Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote post. Several SE sites promote voting occasionally too via a pop-up message:...
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28 votes
3 answers

Please exercise your votes

At the expense of becoming public enemy number one, I have decided to post a grumpy post. (It was rather grumpy when I first posted it, I hope it reads better now.) This is hardly a new call to ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why are so few votes on Chemistry.StackExchange?

For example most viewed question (viewed 26k Times) and only 36 votes? Or next one (800 times viewed) has 22 votes. I do not understand why the voting system on the Chemistry.StacExchange is not ...
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