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Let's not close questions as homework except for blatantly obvious cases (at least for a while)

Overview There has been some concerns lately about whether we close too much. So we start giving leniency a chance. Scroll down to What we do to get to the fun part. Read the rest if you're interested....
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9 votes
3 answers

Feedback on The Experiment

The experiment is over. Here are the stats, beautifully crafted with heavy MathJax with stats topping$^1$. Here's my take. Nothing really changed where we worried about change. You can play with this ...
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14 votes
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Please use the review queues

Currently the review queue for the close votes is getting quite long (see below), while we moderators help out with closing clear cut cases, some questions may benefit for a more diligent approach. ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Close Votes Aren't Super Downvotes

Unfortunately, we've had a problem for quite a while now. It basically boils down to close voting questions with reasons that don't fit. Essentially, the Homework off-topic close reason, "unclear ...
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12 votes
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Custom close reason text for "homework"

Recently, Stack Exchange has allowed moderators to customise the wording that is associated with custom close reasons. Here I would like to focus on (by far) the most used close reason on the site, ...
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The reason "unclear" is unclear

Putting questions "on hold" or the closing of questions is a recurring phenomena seen on this the Chemistry StackExchange site. Most questions I have seen so far have been closed for good reasons, ...
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