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For discussions/ support about editing questions and answers. Common guidelines, best practices, and frequent mistakes may be discussed with this tag. Disagreements between editors are also within the scope.

I am probably responsible for the edits you are talking about. The only reason I edit is because it looks better, just like how MathJaX looks better, and as you correctly guessed, it depends mainly on …
answered Nov 24 '15 by orthocresol
Revisiting this there are two things that I would like to comment on and perhaps draw others' attention to. 1. It is true that Google and other search engines do automatically search for both BrE and …
answered Dec 2 '16 by orthocresol
In general I would edit, if and only if these two criteria are fulfilled: the edit improves the question (in this case, especially in terms of clarity) the edit does not distort the meaning of the o …
answered Dec 9 '17 by orthocresol
:// You are also correct that extra care should be taken after answers are posted, as any such edits risk invalidating the existing answers. On the other hand, the example … opinion that as we currently stand, there is not enough editing. I would prefer not to discourage well-meaning editors from improving questions/answers as they see fit. The value of an edit should generally be judged on a case-by-case basis. …
answered Jan 16 by orthocresol
culprits being atomic orbitals and thermodynamics). It would be wrong to edit those because even though the premise of the question is not correct to begin with, editing them invalidates the entire point of the question. However, this is clearly not one of these cases. …
answered Sep 6 '16 by orthocresol
been approved/rejected, then all >2k rep users will be prompted to review the edit before editing further. One exception is if Alice starts to edit a post, and before Alice submits her suggested … edit, a >2k rep user (Bob) starts editing it as well. In that case, when Bob submits his edit, it will always override Alice's edit, and Alice's edit will be marked as rejected. Source: Can we get a …
answered Jul 11 '17 by orthocresol
numbers. It's probably not easy to figure out what timescale to collect data over. However traffic has definitely increased over time. As for editing, please put in useful titles. A lot of questions …
answered Nov 18 '16 by orthocresol
From what I can infer you are saying that the edits are too trivial. Personally I don't necessarily agree with that - in my opinion edits should be substantial in the sense that they fix everything th …
answered Mar 10 '18 by orthocresol
This was actually something we (the moderators) looked at a few months ago. Suffice it to say that we've tried everything that is reasonable to contact this guy, short of sending him a Howler by owl p …
answered Feb 22 '17 by orthocresol
I guess there are two extreme positions that we could take with regards to the issue of comments. All comments should be incorporated into the post (if necessary), and deleted. We should never delet …
answered Mar 28 '17 by orthocresol
editing all instances of "number of moles of X" to "amount of X". However, at the same time, we must be cognisant of the role that this website plays. It is not a place for peer-reviewed, academic … strongly against editing "amount of substance" in silently; in fact, silent editing is more dangerous than leaving things as the status quo. We can grit our teeth and bear with technically incorrect …
answered Apr 8 by orthocresol
\left< \right> outputs the same thing as \left\langle \right\rangle and is much easier to type! \left< test^2 \middle| test^3 \right> $\left< test^2 \middle| test^3 \right>$
answered Oct 3 '16 by orthocresol
Yes, see Introducing: Markdown Shortcuts for StackExchange. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that you will need to learn a new bunch of shortcuts (or customise them). That is all we really have …
answered Mar 25 by orthocresol
Generally speaking I would agree with you, edits to old posts should definitely be substantive to avoid unnecessary bumping. However in this case it was already on the front page so the edit didn't r …
answered Nov 30 '15 by orthocresol
more about why its a useful strategy. (3) Editing the content of posts is not a moderator duty. This entire post strongly implies that Martin and I were acting as moderators when we edited the … , moderator or not, can suggest edits to posts. The editing of content is a community job. This is evident especially in light of points (1) and (2), where the editors were not moderators. That said, yes …
answered Dec 5 '16 by orthocresol