Yes and no. Yes - if the differences are cosmetic. One example of this is \dfrac vs. \frac, the latter of which is better supported on mobile. The difference here is cosmetic, and only noticeable when the fraction is inline. Compare \dfrac $\dfrac{1}{x^2}$ with \frac $\frac{1}{x^2}$. \dfrac $$\dfrac{1}{x^2}$$ \frac $$\frac{1}{x^2}$$ No - if the ...


Unfortunately the app uses a different version than the website. That does include the recent updates to mhchem, especially the \pu{...} command. While \dfrac can and should be avoided in general, that is not really true for the mhchem updates, as we would lose all the recent development discussed on meta. We'll have to see and wait how the developers ...


As pointed out in the post Loong linked to, the likely reason why you cannot suggest an edit is because there is already a pending suggested edit. The suggested edit has to be approved/rejected before you can suggest another edit. See also: Why is the edit button disabled?


The workaround is to go back to using \mathrm: $2.01~\mathrm{g}$ $2.01~\mathrm{g}$ $450~\mathrm{kJ~mol^{-1}}$ $450~\mathrm{kJ~mol^{-1}}$ But apart from that I don't think there is anything we can really do on our end.

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