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Atom color scheme template for 2D/3D structures

Many 2D and 3D molecular editors utilize distinctive Jmol color scheme , which can be defined in a legend as such (all colors except for hydrogen are preserved; hydrogen was intentionally made light-...
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Fully or partially handwritten, scanned and photographed Q&As

This question covers a lot of topics so this answer may be long. First things first, as long as the post is readable there is no reason for downvoting or deleting based on the type of formatting ...
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Best way to post and visualize crystallographic data

Although I up-voted your request, because I like the idea of making structures more accessible to the general user base, I would still need some really good convincing that this was necessary, and ...
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Atom color scheme template for 2D/3D structures

Atoms in JMol and in molecular modelling kits follow the CPK Coloring Scheme. As a basic identification, hydrogen is white, carbon is grey, oxygen is red, nitrogen is blue, sulfur is yellow, and ...
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