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How do you link web addresses in comments?

You can use inline links: []( They contract nicely to That works everywhere, also in chat. In normal posts, you can use this markdown ...
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How do you link web addresses in comments?

You could use this: square brackets for link description and round brackets for html link. Like this. [use] ...
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Is there a way to put a hyperlink in a cell of a table?

Yes, but you have to use the brand New Feature: Table Support, i.e. use Markdown tables instead of LaTeX. For example: ...
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Textual description of complex reaction schemes involving organic compounds on Chemistry.SE

Depends who you are targeting and what message does the reaction scheme deliver. For the visually-impaired users I would use a “word equation” aiming at a concise and human-friendly sentence similar ...
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Does the discussion about new table support in main meta apply to chem SE?

Regarding the comments: I'm not sure, but I would guess that posts that predate the introduction of Markdown tables might not be automatically rendered as such. From previous posts, I infer that SE ...
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Nonconforming MathJax example on the Markdown Editing Help page

We've updated this to be a simple quadratic formula example. There were some other small changes we were thinking about making but we held off for the moment. We did add the word "syntax" after "...
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