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Revisiting tags: Tag info and Misused tags

There used to be a time where I had a closer eye on new tags, but unfortunately I cannot do that anymore. Often I would simply retag one-time offenders to a more general tag or remove some which I ...
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Throw in an idea for TRE (II)

I would like to take part in TRE(II). A couple of ideas regarding scheduling. It would be great if this was held over winter break or Summer and perhaps last a few days. In addition, when finding a ...
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3 votes

Throw in an idea for TRE (II)

I know that I'm literally digging up a fossil of a post here, but if this ever happens again, then another good candidate for tagging is pericyclics. Even if TRE(II) doesn't formally happen in the ...
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The Great Retagging Event -- Episode 2: Spring Cleaning

A reaction cleanup event took place on 8 Apr 2017, from approximately 3:30 to 6:00 UDT. Participants in the main event included (listed in alphabetical order; if I missed anybody, please edit ...
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