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Let's do the bounty dance!
12 votes

Editorial note: Bounty added 2017-05-07. A question I would like for a bounty is: d-orbital splittings in WS2 monolayer Almost a month old question very, very interesting question 5 upvotes, no ...

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Spammer trying to "sue us". How authentic is their message?
Accepted answer
9 votes

They are spammers trying to spread fake threats. If you encounter them, follow these steps: Downvote (if you like) Flag them as spam Enjoy your coffee Update: @AndrewT pointed out in the comment ...

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Are "What's this mystery substance?" questions considered off-topic?
6 votes

Of course, they are on-topic. Some examples: What metal is this? What is this blue crystal? What is the white substance left behind after boiling down water Identifying a glass frosting chemical what ...

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On the quality of questions in organic chemistry
4 votes

I don't generally answer organic chemistry questions and I certainly do not answer meta question but I would like to take this opportunity to answer your question although orthocresol already provided ...

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Proposing a salt identification challenge series
-1 votes

As @Mithoron and @Pritt said, they do not seem to agree with this challenge. But... Salt analysis can be answered by consulting a well defined textbook and there would not be any originality in ...

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