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Common types observed are:


Mostly interested in:

  1. Theoretical and chemical modelling

  2. Unusual liquids. Example of unusual liquid: https://www.nature.com/articles/nmat4998

Science Education

The importance of the role in education in advancing science is well recognised. In particular, representations played a huge role in the development and communication of ideas between chemists (Orgill MK, 2015). In the context of chemistry, I am interested in, if possible, obtaining and building "lossless representations" of a given chemistry concept.

A lossless representation is a non word based information communication method (such as pictures, graphs etc.) that contains sufficient information to allow many subtleties and exceptional cases of a field of study (which is usually overlooked by analogies and only apparent in the more rigorous approaches) to be covered, to the point that theoretically the field of study (or aspects of it) can be derived by manipulation of this representation

As a result,

  1. Visualisation and

  2. Ability to explain the concept losslessly to a layman such that they can easily understand it, arosing their interest and be able to experiment on it by start performing qualitative and semiquantitative computations using it

Are important considerations.


ACS Division of Chemical Education, 2015, accessed: http://www.divched.org/2013candidate/mkorgill

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