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Non-glorified truth seeker with a freakish method of interpreting the Bible and history, namely the reading between the lines method. I am frequently fine tuning my conclusions for the purpose of finishing my quest of gaining full Christian maturity. Comparing Bible verses is helpful, but Holy Spirit inspired revelations are needed for success, I believe. (Rom 8:28-30; Prov 25:2; Ps 119:18; Luke 8:18; John 4:23,24; 8:32; 16:13; Jer 33:3)

Interesting sayings in secular music heard on the radio.

  • "The sky is filled with good and bad mortals never know": Led Zeppelin.

  • "And don't speak too soon. For the wheel's still in spin. And there's no tellin' who, That it's namin": Bob Dylan.

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